David’s Delusions: Just like Star Wars, there always has to be balance in the WWE universe. We’ve had good heel turns so far. Who should make some interesting face turns in 2017?

AJ Styles

AJ made an awesome run following his heel turn. He had a great 2016 and finished with the WWE championship still around his waist. He won some matches cleanly, too. However, AJ doesn’t have the true heel heat that The Miz has. Fans love to cheer for the phenomenal one. I wouldn’t mind having AJ be the good guy again. That way he could face a heel Bray Wyatt, heel Randy Orton, or even Baron Corbin.

Samoa Joe

Just like Joe’s initial run with NXT, I hope Joe starts the main roster being a face. Fans would keep on chanting, “Joe is gonna kill you.” It would also create great match ups with the current heels of the main roster


I hope at some point during the next draft, that Carmella, Enzo and Cass reunite. It would refresh Enzo’s entrance promo from being stale, plus they could really be a good stable/faction.

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