Vince is turning 72 years old right after SummerSlam. Usually, people retire, lay back and enjoy their pension (if there is any pension). But Vince still travels at times with the company and still, up to this day, has the final say of everything WWE.

Sooner or later, Mr. McMahon has to accept the fact that the WWE won’t have him forever. Someone has to take over being the head honcho. Honestly, I feel a little concerned, but hey, we can only hope for the best.

Kevin Dunn, arguably the most hated WWE man behind the scenes, may head creative once Vince is gone. When this inevitably happens, I hope he keeps the vision of the company and of the McMahon’s. Hopefully, he continues to evolve with the times.

If Triple H & Stephanie McMahon become ultimate bosses, I have better faith on their booking decisions. But you know, people change all the time.

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