The Smackdown Live Women’s division has done nothing but impress. The Tuesday night brand drafted some of WWE’s top female talent for the show. Those names including Becky Lynch, Nikki Bella, Naomi and Alexa Bliss. But one Woman seems to be slipping through the cracks. The Queen of Harts…Natalya.

Prior to the brand split Natalya had been a major player in the Women’s division. She ended her 5 year long Babyface run and turned heel at Money in the Bank 2016. Prior to that she had been feuding with Charlotte for the WWE Women’s Championship. But unfortunately since the brand split, Natalya has been Overshadowed by newer, fresher talent. Many fans believe Natalya is reaching the end of her WWE career. She is now sharing the roster with some of the most talented women in WWE history. She has been around for so long that her character seems boring and washed out. Recently she’s had some entertaining promos against Nikki Bella, but other than that she’s barely been featured on Smackdown Live. Natalya has the potential to be a standout in the women’s division. But, if she keeps going at this rate, fans will forget about her before she gets there.

Will Natalya find her spot in The Smackdown Women’s division? Or is it time for her to move on? Let us know in the comments!



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