WWE Raw emanates from New Orleans, the city where the YES! Movement culminated. But I think we would be saying “NO!” if this is yet another redundant episode of your Monday nights.

The Samoan Superman will defend his United States title against the duo of Jeri-KO in a good ‘ol Handicap Match. The only silver lining we can get here is if Roman Reigns loses the title to Chris Jericho and Kevin Owens. Seth Rollins will have a play in this again I guess.

In other news, Sami Zayn might remain absent for the next 3 episodes of raw. Sami will most likely reappear during the Royal Rumble and eliminate Braun Strowman.

Let’s see? What Else? Rusev vs. Big Cass with some promos; Cruiserweights; Luke Gallows will beat Sheamus with Anderson’s interference, Stephanie involves herself in a segment, something like that.

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