It has been a few months since The Game has been seen on Monday Night Raw. The last time he made an appearance was during the Fatal 4-Way match for the vacant WWE Universal Championship. Where Triple H betrayed his long-time ally, Seth Rollins, to hand deliver the title to Kevin Owens.

Since that day Seth Rollins has made it known that he is coming for Triple H. Rollins has called him out on Multiple Occasions. It is almost 100% certain we will see this rivalry come to at head at WrestleMania. But in order for that to happen The Game will have to return to Monday Night Raw.

Most likely Triple H will show up after the Royal Rumble. Hopefully before Fastlane. Before their match at WrestleMania Rollins and Triple H will have to have some sort of interaction. It would make sense that he comes back ASAP in order to have proper build up for that match. Fans have been waiting years for this rivalry. And for many this WrestleMania match is a Dream Match. With that being said this writer hopes that The Game will show up sooner rather than later.

When would you like to see Triple H return? Are you excited for The road to Wrestlemania? Let us know in the comments!

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