Yesterday on Raw the Undertaker made his return and proclaimed to the world that he would be competing in the Royal Rumble later this month stating he’s “Dug 29 holes, for 29 souls” and that he would ” Bring the dark side to the rumble”. As he was cutting his promo, basically saying how no one controls him the camera cut to a very focused Braun Strowman who was watching the promo on a monitor backstage, signifying a possible encounter in the rumble match after this Taker stated that anyone who would get in his way would ” Rest…In….Peace” .

With Reigns, Cena, AJ and Owens in title matches at the rumble and Rollins hopefully feuding with Triple H, this makes the Rumble ripe for the taking and if Taker does win it, it could set up a load of dream matches at Mania. Taker vs AJ, Taker vs Cena even Taker vs Owens because in that same promo yesterday he made it known that he can go wherever pleases ( meaning Raw OR Smackdown)winning the rumble would mean that he could face either champions at Mania.


Who do you think should win the Rumble? For me personally I think Sami Zayn deserves this shot more than anyone,and what better way to get a legit win over Strowman than the Rumble, post your thoughts and opinions in the comment section.

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