Tonight on SmackDown Live, WWE once again teased the implosion of The Wyatt Family. 2 weeks ago at the #WildCardFinals the Wyatt’s lost the titles to American Alpha after a miscommunication between Luke Harper and Randy Orton.

At the time it was speculated among fans that the reason for the Wyatt’s losing the belts was to ignite a feud with Americans Alpha. However, after another loss to the former NXT champions 14 nights on, once again after an altercation between Harper and Randy Orton, it appears that is not the case.

After the match Orton and Harper seemed ready to begin trading blows before Bray got involved. Luke Harper went for a cheap shot with a thrust kick but caught Wyatt instead of Orton by accident.

Once Wyatt recovered, he stormed out of the ring, Harper following suit soon after leaving Orton alone in the squared circle.

Now they’ve lost the belts, with the the competitive Royal Rumble just around the corner, is this the end of the Wyatt Family? Or at least as we know it? Leave your comments below, Follow The Buzzards.

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