Next week on Smackdown Live Alexa Bliss will defend the Women’s Championship against Becky Lynch. History will be made… For the first time ever the Women’s Championship will be defended inside a steel cage.

The Women’s division has grown tremendously in the past year. Many blockbuster matches have occured. Sasha Banks Vs Bayley: Iron Woman match at NXT takeover for the Women’s Championship. Sasha Banks Vs Charlotte: Hell in a Cell for The Women’s Championship. The Women’s division has even gone on to main event a pay per view. Having a Steel Cage Match would be just another thing to make the women of Smackdown Live truly Superstars. But, it may be bad timing to have this match. This is a match deserving of some serious hype. A match that could be main event worthy. I believe this match needs to happen on Pay Per View. Maybe Elimination Chamber, or the next Smackdown only Pay Per View. This match needs the proper build-up.

What do you think 434 fans? Do you think this match should be saved for Pay Per View? Could it be main event worthy? Let us know in the comments!

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