This weeks Smackdown had American Alpha defend their Tag Team belts against the Wyatt family( Bray and Orton as the actual team and Harper outside the ring), the match starting off with Bray beating down Chad Gable with a flurry of clubbing fists and head butts in the corner. As the match went on with American Alpha constantly tagging each other in and just performing smoothly as usual and the Wyatt’s being just as brutal as ever, the momentum shifted to Bray and Orton’s side, with a little help from Luke Harper of course. A distraction from Harper causes Jason Jordan to get attacked from behind by Bray, who then tags in Orton so that he can give Jordan a front suplex on to the top rope for his troubles.

After a commercial break Jordan has been put into a headlock by Orton, Jordan then powers out, at this point the match is all Wyatt family, with a tag in from Bray who continues to viciously beat down Jason Jordan, after this Orton and Gable are both tagged in with Gable giving Orton a couple of Northern Light Suplexes and and a German Bridging Suplex which is broken by Bray, Jason Jordan tries to help his partner but is quickly dispatched by Bray also. Chad Gable then pulls the top rope down to get rid of Wyatt and then forearms Orton and performs a diving clothesline for a 2 count, meanwhile Luke Harper gets up onto the apron to distract the ref, which he does successfully but Orton rakes Gables eyes and throws him into Harper accidentally which of course knocks him down. Orton then proceeds with a spike DDT on Gable and then prepares for the RKO, as this is happening Luke Harper gets back onto the apron and Orton looks at Harper furiously, this gives Gable the opportunity to push Orton into Harper and roll him up for the pin.

American Alpha Retain.


Once the match ended Orton is absolutely livid with Luke Harper, shouting and screaming at him as he gets into the ring, Harper pushes Orton and Orton likewise Bray tries to break them up but Randy runs past him trying to attack Harper who retaliates by trying to super kick Orton, Orton moves out the way and Bray is hit in the mid section , Wyatt gets up looking just as angry as them and leaves the ring without them, Orton and Harper then stop fighting each other.


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