It’s been a gruelling three months, but the US Title is finally relevant again.

And it’s about time, too. Roman Reigns’ time with title has given us a few decent matches to look back on (see Reigns vs Rusev at Hell In A Cell 2016), but towards the end we were given what felt like infinite ‘main event’ matchups between Reigns, Owens and Jericho for either the Universal Title or the United States Title, and it was getting stale. The changeover to Y2J was absolutely necessary, and despite Jericho debuting for the company almost 20 years ago, he continues to be one of the most entertaining performers on Raw every week, along with his best friend and Universal Champion Kevin Owens. However, dropping the US Championship from the main event back to the mid-card with Jericho running things with underutilised talent would be an excellent idea.

As an audience we have been overexposed to Roman Reigns, Chris Jericho and Kevin Owens on Raw, so changing things up a bit would only make the show feel more stacked. Promote a few mid card wrestlers like Rusev and Sami Zayn to the main event, and give them shots at the Universal Championship to build them as main event stars for the future. And while this is happening, have other superstars come in and challenge Jericho for the US Title. As an already established star, Chris Jericho can be used to create future talent, by carrying feuds outside of the ring with his excellent mic skills. Giving Jericho the title has opened a lot of doors for WWE to create future main event status performers to fall back on when its legends are ready to hang up their boots.

And please, please don’t make us see Kevin/Chris/Roman again.

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