This weeks Monday Night Raw had Chris Jericho beat Roman Reigns for his first ever U.S title making him one of seven superstars to hold every single belt in the WWF/E , leaving Roman Reigns title less coming in to his Universal Title match against Kevin Owens which begs the question, will Reigns win the belt?


With WWE’s ‘Top’ baby face without a title, losing the U.S belt probably means that he most likely go over Kevin Owens at the Rumble meaning he would be probably main event Wrestlemania for the third time in a row this but Kevin Owens losing the belt is not all bad as the great friendship that is JeriKO could be a gateway to get Owens into a championship match on the Wrestlemania Card against Jericho for the U.S belt as Chris will probably go on hiatus after Mania due to his music album with Fozzy but that also leaves Roman Reigns without a opponent for Mania, who could he face?. A Seth Rollins who wants the title he believes he should of won? For me personally I don’t think so because I’m going with Rollins vs Triple H at Mania hopefully the prodigy vs the master, could it be a returning Finn Balor coming for the title he never lost?.This would be the most logical option as Balor has the right to his rematch and it was Reigns, Balor beat to get the opportunity which led to him winning the title in the first place so the stories there. Or it could be someone completely different such as Braun Strowman who recently started a singles career recently due to the brand split and started to have squash matches against local talent, which could suggest that it was all leading up to a title match at some point.


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