Rumors were swirling around that as the Royal Rumble was taking place in San Antonio, Texas we could potentially see a return of the Heart Break Kid, Shawn Michaels, of course Shawn Michaels retired 7 years ago in the very famous “Career vs Streak” match against The Undertaker at Wrestlmania 26 but in a recent TMZ video Shawn Michaels was asked whether he would be making a return in the Rumble which was replied with a ” nooo”, “not if I can help it”. Even though in this weeks segment of Raw, in which Michaels made an appearance promoting his movie ” The Resurrection Of Gavin Stone” he did get a bit hands on by performing a Sweet Chin Music on a interrupting Rusev ,this by no means meant that he was making a return to the ring.

Its a known fact that Michaels has a great respect for The Undertaker in and out of the ring and a return to a WWE ring would, in my opinion tarnish one of the greatest matches in WWE history by making the stipulations mean nothing, Michaels is one of the few that has not returned after losing a career match unlike so many such as Ric Flair, Hulk Hogan, Macho Man,so i have to agree with Shawn when he says that he won’t be wrestling again. Of course there are a ton of dream matches people would love to see,to name a few; Michaels vs Rollins , Michaels vs AJ styles even Michaels vs Ziggler but although these matches would be amazing I’m scared that it would end up like a Ric Flair scenario where it just becomes sad to watch and that would seriously forever taint the great and illustrious career Michaels had.


What do you guys think Michaels should do?, Who would you love to see Michaels face for one more match? Leave your thoughts and comments below.

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