The NFL season is coming to a close. The rest of the games from hereon out until the Super Bowl are all Sunday games. There is no reason for Monday Night Raw to have less than 3 million viewers.

Brock Lesnar is appearing tonight on TV for the first night since Survivor Series. We all know this is gonna be a 10-15 minute segment with Paul Heyman, but Brock will always be a draw whether you like it or not.

The United States championship scene has an interesting dynamic. I got a feeling that Chris Jericho’s reign will be a short one. However, he elevated the US title’s status for reals. Creative should make Jericho drop the title to someone worthy and the right way.

Lastly, Triple H should hopefully make an appearance. Look at his, Seth Rollins’ and ESPN’s twitter feeds. I’m having extreme Triple H TV withdrawal.

I’m just gonna DVR my Raw by the way. 3 hours is just ugghh.

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