As most of us know Chris Jericho has been on three month contracts since last January and recently on his pod cast ” Talk Is Jericho” he said that he signed a new contract as he was ” very excited about the next few months” and he had a lot of ” Projects coming up, a lot of WWE stuff”. He also intends to work as many shows as possible which means he is, thankfully going to still be relevant and on our screens which for RAW is a really good thing.

With Jericho signing another contract that means he’s definitely here for Mania so I’m hoping that with this best friend storyline going on and the Rumble title match with Reigns vs Owens looking like Reigns will win they could have their friendship ( Owens and Jericho)  broken in a way like Owens is being dominated in his title match against Reigns and everyone expects Jericho to come and help but he doesn’t which costs Owens the title and puts a strain on their friendship going forward and maybe have Owens turn on Jericho making the U.S title match at Mania Jericho vs Owens which will be a solid, quality match.

Having Jericho on TV for me is only means good things as he is consistently entertaining as hell and having him as U.S champ means he could feud with any superstar who hasn’t had their shot yet e.g. Sami Zayn, Strowman, Cesaro ( even though he’s tag champ, I feel he deserves another single run).

What do you think should happen with this Best of Friends storyline. Leave your comments behind.

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