WCPW ( What Culture Pro Wrestling) are holding a 64 man, yes 64 man world cup tournament on March 21st, how you ask ? Well apparently it will be split in a way that England, Canada, Scotland, Japan, USA, Mexico and Germany with a bracket for rest of the world will each have a 8 man single elimination tournament and the two finalists from each will got to the 16 man tournament spread over 2 days which is being held in the U.K around summer time.

The first tournament will be England’s one which will be held in Nottingham March 21st and please note that all the Pro Wrestling World Cup Tournaments will be free to watch on WCPW’S YouTube channel and they are also broadcasting the two day final live.

Personally I’m really enjoying WCPW and I’m looking forward to seeing how this progress’s, superstar wise and for what belt the wrestlers are fighting for .

What do you guys think about this announcement or WCPW for that matter ? Leave Some Comments Below.

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