After Dolph Ziggler’s recent heel turn on Smackdown Live, fans were left confused. Left with more questions than answers.

As a former Intercontinental, United States, and World Heavyweight Champion, Dolph Ziggler has achieved stardom. But in recent years Ziggler hasn’t been able to get his footing in the WWE. Especially as of late. He’s done nothing but lose match after match. The frustration finally boiled over into a long awaited Heel turn. But so far that turn has been lackluster and confusing. Many fans believe that Dolph Ziggler is on his way out of the WWE. He has achieved so much during his time with the company. But, he may benefit more from leaving. He could go on to be the #1 Superstar in many other Wrestling Promotions. At the rate he’s going now, he may never be World Champion in the WWE ever again. His time with the company may be running out sooner rather than later.

What do you think 434 fans? Is Dolph Ziggler still being with the WWE holding him back? Is it time for him to take his talent elsewhere? Let us know in the comments!!

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