At a show presented by Tijuana independent lucha libre promotion The Crash last night (Jan. 21, 2017), Pentagon, Jr. showed up alongside his brother, Fenix El Rey. They declared themselves the Lucha Brothers, and Pentagon rechristened himself Penta El 0M, to be read as Penta El Cero Miedo.

Renaming himself and forming a tag team with his recently-estranged-of-AAA brother naturally got folks thinking Pentagon was done with AAA as well, and it turns out that is in fact the case.

The main event for the show, originally scheduled to be the Broken Hardyz & Fenix El Rey vs. the Mexicools (Juventud Guerrera, Nicho el Millionario, & Super Crazy), because 2017 pro wrestling is wacky sometimes, was rearranged to be a four-way tag match for the vacant The Crash Tag Team Championship. The Hardyz won out over the Lucha Brothers, Mexicools (now reduced to Juventud & Super Crazy), and Familia de Tijuana (Nicho & Bestia 666) to win the vacant titles.

Pentagon took to Facebook to confirm the split himself, writing in an official English translation—

Hello to everyone because as you know today, I belong to the company aaa and I become a fully independent wrestler. And to clarify my new name is Penta 0 M!!!! and on the faction of dogs of evil we’re just awaiting the Acceptance of the person in charge of the mark if he wants to continue to belong to this faction or stays in aaa that I confirm After these days I’ll do a live to clear all your doubts while I know i count on your support at this stage of my career thanks!! Remember Penta 0 M

The story doesn’t end there, as AAA wrestlers Daga and Garza, Jr. also appeared on the show, and took a photo with Konnan where he claimed this was just like 1996, the year he and several other AAA stars jumped from AAA to Promo Azteca. They then confirmed their departures this afternoon, Garza, Jr. on Facebook and Daga in an interview with Superluchas.

What this means for Pentagon in Lucha Underground is unclear, especially with AAA reportedly taking a firmer stance on the talent being used, but as far as Mexico goes, he’s a free man.

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