Cruiserweights being on Smackdown LIVE? Rumors coming out of the final of the CWC tournament where TJ Perkins was crowned the first winner and new RAW Cruiserweight Champion is that Smackdown LIVE might be receiving their own Cruiserwights as well.

Everything right now is strictly rumors however some credible backstage sources are indicating this is the way things will be headed very shortly. USA network apparently is wanting Smackdown LIVE to shift to three hours as well due to the overwhelming success they are having since the brand split and moving to Tuesday nights.

I think we can agree that having Cruiserweights on Smackdown LIVE wouldn’t be a good thing considering it’s only now just moving to Monday Night RAW but, if a Smackdown LIVE were to go to a three hour so then perhaps a different division would be best for business.

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