Oh Glorious 434 Universe.. I knew you’d come.

WELCOME to the inaugural edition of Al’s GLORIOUS Booking Of Fantasy. Over the next few weeks I’ll be taking you on a sports entertainment roller coaster of emotions that’ll probably never really happen, from the Royal Rumble all the way to Wrestlemania. But for this edition we’ll focus on the Royal Rumble event emanating from the Alamodome this Sunday in San Antonio, Texas. The Royal Rumble is ALL about planting the seeds for Wrestlemania, and 434 can do that better than anyone else. We won’t book every match, but we’ll complete an in-depth analysis on both world title matches and the Royal Rumble match itself. This will take a while.. so let’s get straight into it! Click the right arrow to read on.

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Hey guys, I'm just a huge wrestling fan. Few things you should know about me.. - Pro Wrestling over Sports Entertainment - I like Cena (refreshing I bet) - Still not big on Reigns tho (not sorry) - All time favourite is HBK - Current favourite is either Adam Cole or Shinsuke - My admin tag on Facebook is #AlanColeBayBay, so often people assume I'm just spelling his name wrong, no, I'm just signing off Drop a comment and let me know what you think, I only wanna get better. Too sweet 434 Universe 🤘🏽