The Revolution Pro Wrestling British Heavyweight Championship will defended on February 11th at NJPW PPV ” New Begining In Osaka against “The Aerial Assassin” Will Ospreay who is actually the current reigning RPW Cruiserweight Champion. Here’s what Ospreay had to say when the match was made official “So it’s official at The New Beginning show in Osaka. I’m going head to head with Shibata. I’m not backing down. Kick me, punch me, head butt me, make me bleed my own blood. You’re about to find out what the world already knows. That I am one stubborn prick that won’t back down. Lets put the Cruiserweight Title on one shoulder & the Heavyweight Title on the other.”

So like Ospreay wrote, if he does win this match he will be a dual weight champion and for me, I think Ospreay will win it purely because of the title defenses Shibata has had, Shibata beat ZSJ (Zack Sabre Junior) for the belt on the first night of the cross promoted show ” Global Wars” (a two day event hosted by RevPro and NJPW) and then on the second night he successfully defended the title against newly NXT signed Chris Hero and THEN just a couple days ago he defended against Matt Riddle successfully. So I think Shibata dropping it to Ospreay is OK as Shibata is in his first reign as RevPro Heavyweight and to have those three wrestlers as people he beat to retain is a more than acceptable reign.

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