One of the best high flying wrestlers in the world right now Ricochet ( Prince Puma on Lucha Underground) recently wrestled a singles match in Madrid, Spain for White Wolf Wrestling after his match he spoke to a reporter for  and said that his contract for Lucha Underground had expired and that he knew where he wanted to go and he was open to anything, when the reporter asked the inevitable question of going to WWE he replied stating that WWE had contacted him before and that he hopes they do another CWC ( Cruiserweight Classic)

Of course if WWE had Ricochet he would be an asset but they probably wouldn’t book him correctly and ruin him like the ones before him ( Neville, TJP, Cedric Alexander, just all the cruiserweights to be honest) and the reason they get ruined is because they are really limited in the moves they can do once on main roster which in a way I can understand because its PG and they can’t have the more dangerous moves which are naturally the more exciting but even so stuff like having Noam Dar and Cedric Alexander with this Alica Fox storyline, although that means there getting t.v time its just killing these guys and turning them into a joke( If you don’t believe me than just search The Beautiful Alica FOOOOOOOOX…. trust me you’ll never unhear what you heard…).

What do you think Ricochet should do now he’s done with LU, should he just stick with more Indies and NJPW ? How would you fix the Cruiser weights?

Leave your comments below guys!

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