It is said, history is written by the victors, but it should be noted that concept doesn’t always apply.

Throughout the years, runner-ups have made their fair share of history, especially runner-ups in the Royal Rumble. This year Roman Reigns came in 2nd, so we’re really hoping history doesn’t repeat itself, but this article will give you some insight on what the runner-up of The Rumble has done at Wrestlemania and what could potentially be in-store for The Big Dog.

Different time periods have given us different levels of success and we’ll go a bit further into each Era as we go, but overall here’s some statistics that will surprise you regarding The Royal Rumble Runner-Up at that year’s Wrestlemania.

There has only been one time in history that the second-place man hasn’t competed at Wrestlemania in that same year, being Randy Savage at Wrestlemania IX when he was relegated to commentary for whatever reasons WWE had.
Before Roman, there were 28 runner-ups and 27 competed at the following Wrestlemania. That’s a big statistic to start with.
Of those 27, 14 were victorious in the subsequent Spring Extravaganza.
19 Royal runner-ups were gifted with singles matches at The Show of Shows straight after their silver medal, while 14 were given championship matches.
Of those 14 championship matches, 9 were World Title matches (either WWE or World Heavyweight Championships).
Finally, five men have main evented Wrestlemania the year they came second in the Royal Rumble. Those men were Sid Justice at Wrestlemania 8, Steve Austin at Wrestlemania 15, Big Show at Wrestlemania 16, Shawn Michaels at Wrestlemania 23 and Triple H at Wrestlemania 25.

The odds are in Roman’s favour this year to land at least a singles match, and if his booking is any indication, probably a championship match as well. Interestingly enough though, this is the first year since 2013 there have been two world championship titles going into Wrestlemania (Universal Title inclusive).
Between 2003 and 2013 the same circumstances were present, and amazingly enough, SEVEN out of the eleven runner-ups in that time period went on to contend for the other world championship.

Do you think Roman Reigns will repeat history? Or is he destined for the midcard at Wrestlemania 33? Let us know who your favourite Royal Rumble runner-up is in the comments and stay Too Sweet.. or DELETE!

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