Update On Shinsuke Nakamura’s WrestleMania Plans

Injuries definitely change plans, big time! Seth Rollins’ injury may have only cancelled his match with Triple H, it also means WrestleMania is one elite in-ring wrestling talent cut short. Vince called for an emergency meeting because Rollins’ absence changes a lot of storylines.

It’s less than 2 months before WrestleMania. The casual fan/mainstream would love to watch Roman Reigns vs The Undertaker, Shaq vs Big Show, and John Cena/Nikki vs Miz/Maryse. However, the quality of the in-ring showcase aspect of WrestleMania is in question.

Part of Vince McMahon’s emergency meeting is Shinsuke Nakamura’s status at WrestleMania. We will most likely see a double duty performance from Nakamura, performing both at NXT Takeover Orlando and at WrestleMania

Sources from fans at Full Sail University report that NXT tapings included a feud build between NXT Champion Bobby Roode and Kassius Ohno (Chris Hero).

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Monday Night Raw - August 8, 2016
Hell in A Cell PPV - October 25, 2015
Monday Night Raw - March 23, 2015
WWE House Show - July 10, 2009

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