Corey Graves has spoken out on twitter voicing his anger towards Mick Foley due to Foley’s recent tweet asking Daniel Bryan and Mauro Ranallo to come to RAW as the commentary team during The Cruiserweight matches.

Many people are left wondering right now if this is a work or a shoot however Mick Foley did respond to Corey Graves and had this to say.

Dear @WWEGraves, You are extremely knowledgeable about the product, and i have been  very happy with the job you are doig on #Raw each Monday…. though not thrilled with the sarcasm for the GM from a member of the announce team.

My mention of having @MauroRanallo and @WWEDanielBryan call Cruiserweight matches on #RAW is really just wishful thinking; in the real world, there is very little chance that the #SmackdownLIVE GM and play-by-play man are going to wander over to the competition.

But it would be my wish that Cruiserweight matches on Raw capture that same magic that was in the air during the #CruiserweightClassic – a feat which can be very difficult to pull off. Just think back to last summer, when many of the Raw audiences apparantly hadn’t gotten the memo that a #WomensRevolution was underway. I do believe that the Cruiserweights are going to be a very valuable and successful part of Raw. But I also believe that in order to have the greatest chance of success, their matches need to be seen as something different – and part of that difference could have been bringing the same announced team that had endeared themselves to the#CruiserweightClassic audience over to #Raw. If not for the very real competition between Raw and SmackDownLIVE, I believe it could have happened – and I believe it would have helped the product.

Bringing in different announcers to make matches feel unique is nothing new in WWE. I was very happy to have Joey Styles call my match with Edge at WrestleMania with Edge in 2006, and I believe that bringing in Jim Ross to call the #HIAC match with Triple H and The Undertaker added a great deal to that classic confrontation. I don’t believe the regular announce the teams felt slighted by these special inclusions, but I could do some checking for you.

In the future Corey, I will try to remember that I am no longer just a guy at home sending out tweets, but instead part of an important show where the people I work with count on me to support them. Hopefully moving forward, you can address any issue you may have with me in less public manor. As a very knowledgeable student of the game, you could no doubt tell that I have been under a great deal of pressure lately. I would prefer not to have any further sarcastic public displays of disrespect adding to that pressure.


Mick Foley
General Manager, Monday Night Raw

How do you feel about this situation?

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