Tajiri suffered a knee injury Mid January, while it looked like he was going to feud with ” The Man With The Plan” The Brian Kendrick but he was injured before anything could happen, it now it looks like his fellow Japanese compatriot Akira Tozawa will be feuding with Kendrick, while Tajiri Vs Kendrick could of been good, the good news is Tajiri could be back in about two weeks according to PWInsider which is looking true because weeks before, Tajiri posted how he was able to jump and kick again, This is great news for 205 live as they have not impressed the fans or Vince lately and having Tajiri back could get it back on track.

On who Tajiri could face I’m hoping if Austin Aries is back by then he could , that match would be interesting ( He could re injure his eye again with those kick…bad joke…) and if Aries were to come out on top in this feud it would make him a legitimate contender for the CWC.

What do you think Aries should do once he’s back and who should Tajiri face once he returns?

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