WWE Superstar returns from injury at Friday night’s live event in Louisville which had the crowd on their feet when they saw the return of Australia’s hottest export Emma return to the ring.

Emma was expected to be back on the road soon with WWE but Dave Meltzer wasn’t sure exactly only soon, Emma has been out of action with a back issue that required surgery. She returned at the live event in Louisville on Friday night as the referee for a six-women’s tag team match between Sasha Banks, Bayley and Alicia Fox against Charlotte, Nia Jax and Dana Brooke.

The babyfaces got the win for the match however, It’s also interesting to note that this was a RAW-branded live event so that would seem to indicate that Emma will be on the Raw brand moving forward. There are talent depth issues on both brands and Emma’s return will help with those problems on the women’s side which is great for business.

She has a ready-made storyline with Charlotte because they were pushing the idea of having Dana Brooke as her manager/valet at ringside before Emma was sidelined with her injury however there’s a high chance she will be drafted to the SmackdownLIVE roster because of her relationship with her boyfriend Zack Ryder.

Truth is no one actually knows at this stage but it’s great to see that shes back.

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