Phil Brooks AKA CM Punk wants a second MMA fight whether its in the UFC or not, if Dana White does not give Punk a second match, the Bellator MMA president Scott Coker said that he would be interested in signing Punk, Punks UFC contract Is a multi match contract but Dana White has said he was unsure about Punks future.

Punk has told Fox Sports that “I am working on it feverishly. I’m throwing names at Dana (White), opponents, dates.” Punk has also stated before that he will fight again even if its not in the UFC , so it’s evident that Punk will not settle until he gets that next match and hopefully his first win, but after Punk gets his first win, what will the 38 year old do? The avergage MMA fighter usually retires at the age of 33 to 40 so once Punk does decide to retire could he possibly return to pro wrestling? , JR seems to think that Punk returning to pro wrestling is a possibility.

On ABC15, JR had a interview and was asked about what would be next for people like Lesnar, Punk and Rousey and this is what JR had to say about Punk “I would be shocked if he came back to WWE. However — and he might disagree with this — I would not be shocked if he came back and did a wrestling gig. Maybe New Japan (Pro Wrestling), something along those lines. There’s a lot of talk of other groups that are looking to get their toe in the water. McMahon’s got the monopoly, and they do a phenomenal job. They’re the big dog in the yard, so other dogs now are barking. We’ll see how it comes about. I don’t think Punk would ever go back to WWE, but I could be wrong. They could hug and make up.”

What do you guys think about Punk fighting in the Octagon again ? And what about pro wrestling ?

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