On April 2nd, we will finally see the end of a more-than-a-decade long worth of rivalry between Goldberg and Brock Lesnar. Here are five rivalries that need a reboot:

The Miz vs John Cena

Both are on SmackDown Live; it’s either The Miz elevates to main event status again, or John Cena moves back a little and battle the Miz for the Intercontinental Championship, a title Cena has never won.


Goldberg vs Triple H (The Battle of the Part-timers)

If you’re looking for these two to go at it, they could build a feud towards any of the Big 4 PPV’s of WWE

Roman Reigns vs Brock Lesnar

Their match at WrestleMania 31 never came full circle.

Randy Orton vs Kofi Kingston

This feud put Kofi on the map. If and when the New Day breaks up, Kofi can be drafted to SmackDown Live and battle the Apex Predator, or vice versa.

Kane vs The Undertaker (Another Battle of the Part-Timers)

These two could do another gimmick match considering Taker’s limited mobility

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