Aside from her role on Total Divas and a short stint on NXT, fans haven’t seen much of Eva Marie lately. Not since her violation of the WWE Wellness policy back in August. That suspension is long over by now and Eva has not returned to WWE Programming. Does that mean she’s through with the company?

Eva has been active on social media promoting her new fashion line ( and upcoming movie roles. She will be starring alongside Nicholas Cage in “Inconceivable” set to release sometime in 2017. She will also be starring in a comedy “Action No.1”, no information is available on a release date. But, nothing has been said about her involvement with the WWE. Recently Eva has removed all WWE info from her twitter bio. There is also no word on if she has started training for a  return to Smackdown Live. To the excitement of many fans, we may have seen the last of The Red Queen in the WWE.

Do you think we’ve seen the last of Eva Marie in the WWE? Is she better off doing other projects? Let us know in the comments!


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