Buff Bagwell was interviewed on a podcast called “Pancakes and Powerslams” and if that wasn’t strange enough Mr Bagwell just so happened to talk about CM Punk and not being able to pass the “Walmart Test”. He had the following remarks to make about the former WWE Superstar.

Buff Bagwell – “Here’s how I look at it. If I was a promoter like Vince McMahon or Ted Turner, if I was trying to make money in the wrestling industry, I would judge it by having a person walk through Walmart. If CM Punk walked through Walmart even as popular as he is, he’s not going to get noticed as much as Hulk Hogan walking through Walmart. The reason why I say Walmart, is because that is our fan base.”

Buff Bagwell also made the following comments about Punk’s UFC debut:

“He was able to stay over for a year and not have a fight, and then you go out and take such a big fight and get beat up. I mean, brother, that leaves not a dent, not a scratch, that leaves a scar. I’m not sure that can be fixed. So, it was a bad, bad decision, but whoever his manager is to keep his name getting said without having a fight, weighing a buck fifty; thin as a rail, he doesn’t look like a tough guy, I heard some things but he don’t look it. But to be able to get talked about on a pretty regular basis, bravo [claps]! But when you go out and get beat up real bad, that is really bad. I was rooting for him, because it makes us all look good. We’re all pro wrestlers. But, instead, he goes out there and gets his brain beaten out.”

What are your thoughts on what Buff Bagwell had to say regarding CM Punk, was he completely justified in having that opinion? where do you stand?

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