Roman Reigns Heel Turn Update

Roman Reigns heel turn isn’t happening anytime soon

If you’re hoping to see a heel Roman Reigns soon, then you should probably stop reading now.

At the moment there are no plans to turn Roman Reigns into a bad guy anytime soon, and apparently, there haven’t ever been plans to turn him heel ever since he split with The Shield in 2014. Fans have been asking for a heel, bad-ass Roman Reigns for quite some time but it isn’t happening anytime soon.

WWE is still very high on making Reigns the ‘next John Cena’ of the company and they’ll do so at any cost, even if a sold out AT&T stadium boo the Hell out of him.


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Eiland Bush

  • They’re wasting their time on him, even Triple H’s magic didn’t work.

  • inconnu

    I swear if the rumors stated that Triple H is high on him (like he actually is), I’d bet there would be less Internet anger. Because I seriously don’t understand where it came from to begin with. I find it interesting that Reigns has the burden of getting the fans behind him when, with the exception of the suspension, has done nothing wrong. Like… nothing. Als, who says AT&T Stadium will boo him? He may not even be in the Main Event. True, some fans want Reigns as a heel but some of those same fans what him in the mid-card. Guess where he is? The upper mid-card. The Universal title block is full right now. Unless Rollins injures someone else, I MEAN, someone else is injured, Reigns may not be at the top of that card.

    • Jason Praetor Beede

      The anger is from his workrate. No one wants another Cena anymore than we wanted the first. So what, some limited moveset hack darts around the ring and hits his same four or five moves, none of which are actual wrestling maneuvers, boom, match over. If they ask him to work an extended match maybe he hits those same four or five multiple times. Still. Lame as fuck.

      Cena we give credit to for A) being a genuinely good guy, not just playing one on TV, B) making his OWN name/way, something Rocky Reigns can NEVER claim, and C) being an ambassador for the company, going so far as to be the public face of the company for talk and radio appearances, hosting massive Make A Wish functions, and learning freakin’ Mandarin Chinese.

      Reigns will never get that love or respect because he doesn’t do any of those things. He takes his steroids, does that fake scream of his that is so obviously canned and pumped in over the speakers, and acts like he’s half-black Jesus.

      Personally, I would rather see him permanently injured than in a WWE ring, because his little green ass belongs on the undercard at NXT.

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