Chris Jericho recently made an appearance on the podcast ‘Your’re Welcome with Chael Sonnen’, Chris Jericho talked about his backstage incident with Brock Lesnar at SummerSlam here are some of the highlights.

“I just thought the finish of that match was very brutal and very violent, and I just didn’t know if Randy was ok”, said Jericho. “I said something and he said something, next thing you know we’re nose-to-nose kinda yelling at each other and it diffused fairly quickly.” Jericho added, “Brock is a trained fighter and he’s a beast, but I’m not the type of person to back down from anybody.”

Jericho also noted that the finish of Lesnar’s match was none of his business … however, he explained, “When I see a friend of mine lying in a pool of his own blood, whether it’s a work or not, that’s real blood. That’s a real concussion that he suffered. So I wanna go check and see if he’s ok.”

Finally we have it from Jericho what really happened, Definately a top bloke at the end of the day!

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