We’re just a few weeks away from Kurt Angle headlining the 2017 WWE Hall of Fame class and it’s still unclear who will be inducting him.

He’s mentioned before his hope that Stone Cold Steve Austin will be the guy. He’s since added a few other names to the list. But according to the Olympic Gold Medalist, surprisingly the decision is not up to him.

He talks about this in his interview with Live Audio Wrestling:

Honestly, I don’t know. I always thought that you got to pick. I do believe that WWE will listen to you and listen to who you would like to induct you but overall, I think they pick. I’m okay with that, I think they know who I like and who I had great programs with and who I got along with the most.

I always throw out there, I hope it’s either Austin, Undertaker, Brock Lesnar or John Cena so I would imagine it’s one of those four but I don’t know yet.

Any of those names would make sense, and considering it’s what Angle wants and WWE could use any excuse to bring one of its biggest stars back for WrestleMania weekend, don’t be surprised of Austin is the choice.

Who would you like to see induct Angle into the Hall of Fame in a few weeks time?

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