Last month produced a series of 4 part skits featuring WWE Superstars detailing the “lost episodes” of the now defunct Southpaw Regional Wrestling promotion. The skits were a hit fans the world over, citing it as some of the most entertaining and outrageous stuff the company has put out in months.

With this recent surge in popularity, and the new t-shirts available on, the company is apparently now considering doing a WWE Network special about the former promotion with the original cast and perhaps a few new ones showing up. The rumor is that an idea was pitched for a Rise and Fall of ECW type special about the promotion, basically a mockumentary about the history of Southpaw Regional Wrestling and its stars. Another rumor is WWE could possibly put on a reunion show for the fictional company, inviting its performers to return and entertain the fans one last time.

As far as new characters go, the idea was laid out for Bayley and The New Day to join the cast of SRW, but in which capacity is currently unknown. Considering the hilarity of The New Day and the comedic timing of Bayley, they would be welcomed additions to colorful cast of character such as Tex Ferguson, Chad 2 Badd, Big Bartholomew, and Lance Catamaran among others. Other names were apparently discussed as well, but as of now they are also unknown.

While the ideas have been put out there that doesn’t necessarily mean that they are guaranteed to happen. Ultimately the decision comes down to Vince McMahon, and if the boss isn’t on board with it and doesn’t think its worth doing then it simply will not happen.

What do you think, 434 fans? Would you want to see more of Southpaw Regional Wrestling? Let us know in the comments below!

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