Last night at NXT Takeover Orlando, Asuka and Ember Moon tore the roof off the place. The match was easily one of the best in both Superstars NXT Careers.

Two undefeated Superstars battled it out for the NXT Women’s Championship. New NXT Championship belts were awarded to every Champion after their match last night. It was no different for the women. As the one standing tall at the end of the match would receive a brand new NXT Women’s Championship title belt.

It’s safe to say that Ember has been Asuka’s biggest competition since her arrival at NXT. The match between the two was magic. Ember really pushed Asuka to a breaking point. A breaking point that fans have yet to see from the Empress of Tomorrow. Ember almost picked up the win numerous times within the match. But, it was Asuka who would stand tall in the end.

Something about the way the match ended left many fans wondering. Is this the last time we will see these two face off? If Asuka had been defeated it would’ve cemented the fact that she was on her way to the main roster. But since she retained the title, we know she’s staying in NXT for the time being. Does that mean that Ember will be getting another Championship match soon?

It would be very refreshing to see Asuka vs Ember as a long term feud. Asuka has dominated the NXT Women’s roster for over a year. To see her finally get some real competition is breath of fresh air. It is expected that Asuka will make her main roster debut before the end of the summer. So is it safe to say that Ember will eventually take down the Empress of Tomorrow? We’ll see what happens in the next few weeks.


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