After not being able to compete at WrestleMania last April, The Architect Seth Rollins finally got his moment in the spotlight. He officially became the Kingslayer when defeated Triple H at The Ultimate Thrill Ride.

Triple H cost Rollins the Universal Championship in August and then he and his Destroyer Samoa Joe nearly cost Rollins his spot at WrestleMania. Rollins limped his way through the match and took an onslaught from the King of Kings.

Rollins was resilient throughout this beating and even withstood Triple H bringing out his signature sledgehammer. In the end, it was Triple H’s wife and Raw Commissioner Stephanie McMahon who was the difference maker.

She was knocked off the apron and through a table outside the ring, allowing for Rollins to hit Triple H with his signature Pedigree and walk out victorious.

It will be interesting to see where Seth Rollins goes now that the monkey of The Authority seems to be off his back.

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