Before tonight, The Undertaker had only lost one other match at WrestleMania. Now, in 25 goes at the biggest event of the year, The Phenom is 23-2 after falling at the hands of Roman Reigns.

The two’s rivalry started in January at the Royal Rumble when Reigns eliminated The Undertaker and staked claim to what used to be the Deadman’s “yard.” The next two months built up to their showdown in Orlando and it was full of back and forth action from the opening bell.

A pair of chokeslams on the announce table and a chair seemed to give The Undertaker the momentum he needed if he was going to beat the muscle of the former SHIELD.

However, Reigns used five Superman punches and four spears to finally put the Deadman to rest and get the surprising pinfall victory.

The Undertaker finally got to his feet and the crowd gave him what looked to be one final sendoff as he walked back up the ramp. Did we just see the Undertaker at WrestleMania and in a WWE ring for the final time?

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