The Hardy Boyz returned to WWE ahead of the Raw Tag Team Championship Match at WrestleMania 33 Sunday Night and won the belts for the seventh time. It was the completion of their Tag Team World Domination and their former boss seemed to be pretty proud of them.

After Matt and Jeff Hardy both left WWE in 2010, they bounced around on the independent scene for a short while before landing in what was Vince “MeekMahan”‘s biggest competitor at the time, TNA. Both superstars saw individual success as they each captured the company’s World Heavyweight Championship before they found a viral hit in their “Broken” gimmick last summer and went on to win tag team gold all over the world.

After the Hardy Boyz’s acsended back to the top of the tag team world at the Citrus Bowl last night, former TNA President Dixie Carter took to Twitter to congratulate the newly-crowned champions.

This is certainly a classy move by Carter, who saw what little hope her company had left dissipate when the Hardy’s decided not to sign a new contract with TNA in January. Surely Matt will not demand her to DELETE her tweet.

What do you hope to see from Broken Matt and Brother Nero in the WWE?

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