Just a few weeks ago on Raw, Mick Foley was fired as the General Manager after continually butting heads with Commissioner Stephanie McMahon about the treatment she was giving to certain superstars like Sami Zayn.

Foley appeared at Jim Ross’ One Man Show as a surprise on Sunday, and said that he was originally not going to attend any WWE events over Wrestlemania weekend to continue the angle of his firing, but Stephanie McMahon pushed for him to attend. He said that he was no longer being paid by the company and joked that it felt like a real firing.

Foley also noted on his Facebook page that his hip replacement surgery is scheduled for the 19th April, and that he will be taking bookings from July onwards after he recovers from his surgery.

The Hardcore Legend also noted that he thinks Kurt Angle is a fantastic choice for Raw General Manager, and that he won’t be as active in talking about the WWE product going forward on social media.

Foley will continue to be a part of the WWE family, as he is still under a Legends contract, but his role will certainly be minimal compared to what it has been over the last year. Network specials and the occasional guest spot are likely to be things Foley is involved in.

Pro wrestling is a funny world, so it will be interesting to see how much we see Foley going forward, but obviously his recovery from hip surgery will be the most important thing going forward for him and his family.

Will we see Mick Foley as a focal part of WWE again in the future?

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