When an NXT alumnus moves to either Raw or Smackdown Live, it is back to square one! We all get anxious whether or not the NXT darling flourishes in the main roster to the delight of the casual fan.

It is a known fact that NXT and the main roster have very distinct viewers. Some like the somewhat ‘indie’ feel of NXT. On the other hand, the casual fan is glued to the main roster only. There are only a handful of fans who can appreciate both brands.

One doesn’t need to measure the success of Kevin Owens, Finn Balor, Samoa Joe, Sasha Banks, Baron Corbin, Charlotte, Enzo/Cass, etc. These people had the “X” factor even before stepping into NXT. But let us analyze the other former NXT Superstars:

  • Tyler Breeze – maybe there is a reason why Breeze stayed so long in NXT. Maybe he isn’t really cut out for the main roster. Even with Breezango, he is a jobber. Prince Pretty could make a good run in Japan as long as he repackages himself.
  • Mojo Rawley – from NXT hype bros gimmick to being the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal winner; if you elicit attention from management, you will get a push.
  • The Ascension – I thought all hope was lost but they suddenly were given a good match with American Alpha. Sadly after that, The Ascension were put back into obscurity.
  • The Vaudevillians – I knew something was wrong when they had a feud with the New Day. There just wasn’t a connection to the casual fan even as heels. Then they became jobbers, then Simon Gotch quit. I wonder what the future holds for Aiden English.
  • Apollo Crews – just turn him heel already. If that doesn’t work, back to the indies you go
  • Bo Dallas – Despite the repackaged ‘Believe in Bo’ gimmick, it seems the former NXT champion will stay in jobberville. Too bad the Social Outcast faction didn’t last.
  • Emma – to Emmalina and back to Emma: how many repackages does it need to put this gal over?
  • Kalisto – his lackluster US title run/booking didn’t do him any good. He needs to reinvent himself in the cruiserweight division.
  • Neville – if he didn’t turn heel, who knows what could’ve happened to Neville’s future. Before his heel turn, he jobbed to Bo Dallas.
  • Sami Zayn – this guy put numerous quality matches last year, both in NXT and the main roster. Now, Monday Night Raw has made a goofball out of him right now. I hope this charade bring Zayn somewhere in the WWE. Maybe a move to SmackDown will revitalize Sami into the championship picture. An IC/US title would be nice.

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