At WrestleMania 33 The Hardy Boyz shocked the wrestling world and made their long awaited return to WWE with the loudest ovation of the night. For 20 years Matt and Jeff have been cementing their legacy in professional wrestling, having participated in some of the most extreme and breathtaking moments you could ever see. With their latest run in WWE off to great start, a new generation of fans are getting a chance to see Team Extreme shine in the number one wrestling company in the world. Here are 10 Hardy Boyz matches in WWE You Have to See:

Discretion: This list is in no particular order and will cover matches of both Matt and Jeff, as well as their time as a team. The Tables, Ladders and Chairs matches and the Triangle Ladder match will not be included on this list, as they are perhaps the most well known matches The Hardys have participated in, and it is safe to say every wrestling fan has seen or at least knows of them. But still, how awesome are those matches?

1. The Hardy Boyz vs. Edge and Christian in a Ladder match at No Mercy 1999

It was the first time two teams faced each other in a Ladder match, and the final match in a best of five series in the Terri Invitational Tournament for the managerial services of Terri Runnels. Hanging high above the ring was a bag containing $100,000 and an opportunity for 4 young men to cement themselves as WWE Superstars. The match that set the standard for multi-man ladder matches in the years to come saw both teams put their careers on the line for the chance to shine on the big stage, and all 4 men more than delivered. From Jeff Hardy’s seesaw ladder spot, to Edge and Christian incorporating the ladder into their double team offense, to Matt Hardy taking a nasty fall of the ladder, this match was full of memorable moments that these men would only go on to outdo for years to come.

2. The Undertaker(c) vs. Jeff Hardy in a Ladder match for the WWE Undisputed Championship at Monday Night Raw 6/24/02

On the cusp of singles stardom in mid-2002 Jeff Hardy received the opportunity of a lifetime, battling The Undertaker in a Ladder match for the WWE Undisputed Championship. Flying right out of the gate and into the mouth of the devil, Hardy gave everything he had in order to vanquish Big Evil, diving over the top rope, jumping off ladders, and hitting him with steel chairs, but the American Badass kept fighting back. But The Daredevil showed just how bad he wanted to be champion, taking ladder shots, chokeslams, leg drops, a last ride and just flat out brutal beatings, Hardy just refused to stay down. Hardy came up short in the end, but perhaps earned the biggest victory of them all after the match when The Undertaker raised the young man’s hand in a sign of respect, earning praise from The Deadman and fans around the world.

3. Eddie Guerrero(c) vs. Matt Hardy for the WWE European Championship on SmackDown! 4/24/01

Matt Hardy didn’t exactly have the charisma or daredevil prowess of his brother, but he did have the technical ability to go toe-to-toe with one of the greatest wrestlers of all time in Eddie Guerrero. On an episode of SmackDown! shortly after WrestleMania X-Seven, Matt battled Latino Heat in an attempt to get his first big taste of singles gold, and the match was anything but boring. With excellent back and forth action and great near falls, fans everywhere witnessed Hardy hold his own against the technical master, and picked up, at that point, the biggest singles victory of his career. Matt would go onto to hold the championship for the next four months, becoming the longest reigning American-born European Champion in WWE history.

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