4. The Hardy Boyz vs. The Dudley Boyz in a Tables match at Royal Rumble 2000

As if pioneering the tag team Ladder match wasn’t enough, The Hardy Boyz took part in another first for tag team wrestling in WWE, the first ever tag team tables match against the masters of the tables themselves, The Dudley Boyz. At the 2000 Royal Rumble held in Madison Square Garden, these two young teams put their bodies on the line for a chance to shine at the World’s Most Famous Arena, and they more than delivered, with some of the most spectacular table spots in WWE history. The highlight of the match undoubtedly comes from Jeff Hardy hitting the Swanton Bomb from a balcony onto a table prone D-Von Dudley, picking up the victory for his team. The Dudley Boyz brought their ECW-style offense to NYC, while The Hardys showed that they will take any risk necessary in order to emerge victorious, making for an incredible match between two incredible teams.

5. Edge(c) vs. Jeff Hardy vs. Triple H for the WWE Championship at Armageddon 2008

It was a moment WWE dared not to do for a long time, after years of getting so close to the main event but always coming up short, Jeff Hardy defied the odds and finally captured the WWE Championship. These three men battled it out over the richest prize in sports entertainment, with each near-fall leaving fans in anticipation over who would be the one to walk out of Armageddon with the gold. With multiple Spears, Pedigrees and Twist of Fates dished out, one could only guess just who would emerge victorious, and after Triple H nailed Edge with a Pedigree, Hardy hit both men with a Swanton Bomb and pinned Edge to win his first WWE Championship. The match itself is very good, and if you’re a Jeff Hardy fan then you need to check out this match for the sole purpose of seeing The Charismatic Enigma victorious with the company’s top championship in hand.

6. Matt Hardy vs. Edge in a Steel Cage match at Unforgiven 2005

Perhaps one of the most personal rivalries in WWE history was between Matt Hardy and Edge, based on the real-life controversy of Edge having an affair with Matt’s then-girlfriend, Lita. When the story broke out fans were shocked, and Matt was eventually released from the company, but a few “We Want Matt” and “You Screwed Matt” chants later, Matt Hardy returned to WWE white hot and ready to settle the score with his former friend. After losing to Edge at SummerSlam via referee stoppage, and fighting to a no contest in a Street Fight on an episode of Monday Night Raw, Unforgiven inside a steel cage was named as the place these two bitter rivals would settle the score. A bloody war with some great use of the cage from both men, Lita getting hit with a Twist of Fate, and Matt’s breathtaking top of the cage leg drop onto Edge, this match gave Matt the vengeance he deserved, and showed that he truly deserved to shine in the top wrestling company in the world.

7. Edge and Christian(c) vs. The Hardy Boyz for the WWE World Tag Team Championships in a Steel Cage match at Unforgiven 2000

Nearly one year after famous tag team Ladder match, these two teams fought once again, but this time inside a 15-foot high steel cage. What makes this match so good isn’t crazy dives or falling through tables, but the incredible tag team psychology employed by both teams during this bout. In order to win, both teams had to escape the cage and have both feet touch the floor, so when Edge and Christian knocked Jeff Hardy out of the cage and prevented him from getting back in, that left Matt Hardy alone inside while the duo brutally picked him apart. After beating on Matt and keeping Jeff from getting back in the cage, Jeff eventually knocked Christian off the cage, then executed the Whisper in the Wind off the top of the cage onto Edge and his brother. The victory for Team Extreme came when thy executed a con-chair-to Edge from the top of the cage, sending him crashing him down to the mat and allowing The Hardys to escape the cage together. Just another great chapter in the historic rivalry between Edge and Christian and The Hardy Boyz.

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