The Monday Night Raw and Smackdown Live Rosters will officially be “Shaken-up” next week! That’s right, the first ever Superstar Shake-up will trade some of your favorite Superstars from Raw to Smackdown and vice versa.

Many top names have been thrown around for this Shake-Up. The most likely Superstar to be traded is The Former WWE Champion AJ Styles. He has become “The Face That Runs the Place” since being drafted to Smackdown last summer. But, he has new opportunities opening up for him on Monday Night Raw. All of his former partners are killing it on the red brand. Gallows and Anderson were the Raw Tag Team Champions before they lost the titles to The Hardy Boyz at WrestleMania. And Finn Balor has recently made his return to WWE TV after a few months on the shelf with a severe shoulder injury. It makes a lot of sense for Styles to be traded to Raw. It is believed that he will help increase it’s ratings to better compete with Smackdown Live.

Another former WWE Champion is rumored to be moving to Monday Night Raw. Dean Ambrose is the current Intercontinental Champion. He has recently been in a heated rivalry with Baron Corbin with that title on the line. His most recent title defense was at the grandest show of the year. Ambrose defended the IC Championship against Corbin at the WrestleMania Pre-Show. Even though Ambrose has been ruling Smackdown live since the draft and brand split, something great is brewing on Monday Night Raw.

For the first time since 2014, all three former members of The Shield are Babyfaces in the WWE. Better known as “The Good Guys” for lack of a better term. If Ambrose is traded to Monday Night Raw, fans could see a Shield reunion that is just too sweet. It makes sense now more than ever. Triple H has recently returned to WWE TV to feud with Seth Rollins. The two finally faced off at WrestleMania in an unsanctioned match. A match were Rollins would pick up the win. The Game has recently aligned himself with Samoa Joe and The United States Champion Kevin Owens. If this stable grows in power over the next few months, they will need some formidable opponents. The newly reunited Shield would be perfect rivals for Triple H’s new “Evolution”. Fans could also see the new Shield against the likes of The Club. If Styles is also moved to Raw he could lead Gallows and Anderson into battle against the former hounds of justice.

There are slight rumors that Dolph Ziggler might be traded to Monday Night Raw as well. His role on Smackdown Live has been very minimal since ending his feud with The Miz. Ziggler would most benefit from staying on Smackdown Live. He has the potential to be one of the top heels since Styles may be leaving. He could really rise in that role if given the opportunity. Enough to be given a possible WWE Championship reign? Probably not, but it will definitely give him some more TV time.

Would you like to see AJ Styles and Dean Ambrose Re-Drafted to Monday Night Raw? Let us know in the comments!!

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