It’s safe to say that Becky Lynch has been “Straight Fire!” since debuting on the main roster back in 2015. She has competed twice at WrestleMania, She was the first female draft pick to Smackdown Live, and she was the first ever Smackdown Women’s Champion. But has her career been taking a different path lately?

After losing her Women’s Championship to Alexa Bliss back in December, Lynch has struggled to gain her momentum back. There’s no denying the talent this Lass Kicker has. In the ring she’s a star. But she struggles on the mic with her promos. Especially since rising stars such as Alexa and Carmella have much more charisma.

Lynch has all the potential to become one of the greatest Women in WWE history. The WWE draft last summer is believed to have contributed to her recent staleness. Lynch was drafted to Smackdown, “The Land of Opportunity”. A brand that also drafted many fresh faces from NXT (i.e Carmella and Alexa Bliss). Also a brand that drafted the newly returning Nikki Bella after Summerslam 2016. With all the excitement building it’s no wonder Lynch started to fall through the cracks.

Of course she was given the opportunity to become Smackdown’s first ever Women’s Champion. A very good first choice. Lynch was able to set the bar high for the fresh, new division. Her in-ring work is like no other. Another Superstar would really have to step up her game in order to take Becky’s title from her. That moment would officially happen at TLC 2016. When Alexa Bliss Challenged for the Championship in a tables match. The rules were simple, the first women to throw the other through a table would become the new Smackdown Women’s Champion. As we all know Alexa would pick up the win. This is where Becky would start to travel on the path of irrelevance.

With the “Superstar Shake-Up!” occurring next week on Raw and Smackdown, Becky could benefit. It’s no question that she’s staying on Smackdown Live. But there are rumors that her once friend, turned bitter enemy may be traded to the blue brand. They were both part of the “4-Horsewomen” in NXT. They were partners, then rivals. If Charlotte Flair is traded to Smackdown, Becky may be saved. Another storyline between the two could be just what the Smackdown Women’s division needs. And what Becky needs as well.

The next few weeks are crucial for The Irish Lass Kicker. She will either grab that brass ring yet again and shine. Or fall to the newly traded talent like she did after the draft.

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