In just over 24 hours, the WWE Main Rosters will be “Shaken-Up!”. Superstars from Raw and Smackdown will be traded between the two brands. No information is available yet on how many Superstars will actually be traded, but, it is almost 100% certain that one former NXT Champion will be headed to Smackdown Live!

Sami Zayn has been a fan favorite since he stepped foot in NXT. That popularity  grew when he offically got the Main Roster Call-up in 2016. Last summer he was drafted to the Red Brand and became part of the Monday Night Raw Roster. Since that draft Sami has struggled. He hadn’t received the opportunities he deserved on Raw. Fans have also been outraged at the lack of opportunity provided for Sami. They have taken to social media demanding that Sami be traded to Smackdown Live.

In a storyline with Mick Foley, Sami was almost traded to the blue brand. Sami was tired of the way he was being treated on Raw and was looking for a way out. Former General Manager Foley told Zayn that if it’s what he really wanted, he would work out a trade between the two brands. That ended up being a massive set up for Sami. For Foley’s “Trade” was going to be Sami Zayn traded for Eva Marie. Sami was outraged! Saying he was worth a thousand Eva Marie’s. That moment lit a fire under him. He chose to stay on the Red brand to prove himself further.

Now that Mick Foley has been replaced by new General Manager Kurt Angle, Sami has no support system. It makes more sense now then ever that he would make the move to Smackdown Live. Sami would really shine if he moved to “The Land of Opportunity”. Maybe he would get that mid-card championship run he’s deserved since his call-up. Or maybe even a solid chance to win the WWE Championship. All in all the Underdog from the Underground should be very happy at his new home of Smackdown Live. If that trade actually happens of course.

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