So Cesaro is making headlines again but this time he’s defending himself when he was responding to some criticism about his microphone work during a media call promoting WWE’s upcoming tour of the United Kingdom and here is some of the transcript.

“I actually can talk if you let me. That’s always funny, because people always say that I can’t, but the thing is, you haven’t seen me on the mic a lot. I don’t really get that many chances. And if I do, it’s usually pretty good. Certain people get maybe a reputation, and people keep repeating it, and that just becomes their stigma.

I’m not saying I’m ‘Mr. Microphone’ over here, but I can certainly hold my own. I’ve been fortunate enough to get the chance to prove it lately, and I’m looking forward to getting to prove it some more going forward. The guys who talk are a select few, and I’m working my way to get there.”

Personally i believe his mic skills are improving daily and his in ring is fantastic, some people need to just give the guy a break and let him be him and everything will come naturally.

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