Most WWE stars have a ceiling. This generally refers to how far they can go in the company in terms of placement on the card, or ability to ‘get over’ with the fans. will be starting a new series of articles called ‘Going The Distance’. We will go in depth into a character’s chances of shining on the big stage, and how high their ceiling is. Our first subject is NXT’s resident rudo, Andrade Cien Almas.


The most exciting thing about Andrade is by far his work in the ring. Coming from the Mexican style of lucha libre, he has mixed it up with many fantastic workers in the early stages of his career.

He can mat wrestle as well as anyboy on the NXT roster and has a decent amount of believable offense. He works a traditional lucha style, but has also developed a thorough understanding of the WWE style.

Another thing on his side is his age. At only 27, most would think that his best years are ahead of him as a performer. The fact that he is being afforded a long run in NXT will benefit him in the long term as it allows him to hone is craft while time is still on his side.

The last positive about Almas that needs to be touched on is his look. To put it simply, he is a very good looking man and is certainly in the mould of a Rick Rude: the men want to be him, and the ladies want to be with him. Strong and distinct looks are always something that WWE search for, and he certainly has that.


While these are obviously harder to write about, each wrestler obviously has things that will work against them. One thing that Andrade lacks is the ability to cut a good promo. This is through no fault of his own, as English is his second language, but you still need to be able to talk the fans into the building.

While the easy solution would be to ‘throw him with a manager’, that seems like the easy way out. He certainly has improved his English, but as a heel being able to cut a promo is a necessity.

Another thing that may go against Andrade is a bit of a lack in character. This branches off from his promo work, but there is still more to it. In his time in NXT, he was a determined babyface with no character besides his work in the ring. Now, he is a cocky heel who doesn’t talk the talk, and rarely walks the walk by winning big matches.

His rudo persona has potential due to his look and work rate in the ring, but without stronger promo work he may be held back a little.

Can He Go The Distance?

The jury is definitely out. There is no reason why Andrade Cien Almas can’t be a relatively big star on Raw or Smackdown after his graduation from developmental. His work in the ring alone will get him to a decent level.

The likelihood is that his ceiling is the Intercontinental and US Titles. Due to his lack of English, It’s hard to see him being a main event attraction. He can be a solid midcarder for a long time, and there is nothing wrong with that.

Where do you think Andrade Cien Almas’ ceiling is? Can he go the distance?

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