TJ Perkins is the heart and soul of the Cruiserweight Division. As one of the youngest competitors in the WWE Cruiserweight Classic, the odds were stacked against him from the start. But, the high flyer defied them all and became the inaugural WWE Cruiserweight Champion.

TJ Perkins has been an outstanding competitor on Monday Night Raw and 205 Live. But, the former Champion only held the belt for a few weeks before dropping it to The Brian Kendrick. Since his short title run, TJP has fallen under the radar. He hasn’t gone for the Cruiserweight Championship again since his time against Kendrick. And aside from a few tag team matchups, he hasn’t been shown much on Raw or 205 live.

This past Monday on Raw, TJP shared a few moments with the current Cruiserweight Champion Neville. The King of the Cruiserweights told Perkins that he was losing the respect of the 205 live locker room. That, as the very first Cruiserweight Champion, he deserved to be at the top of the division. And he shouldn’t let competitors like Austin Aries take his opportunities away from him. Aries assured Perkins that he had nothing to worry about and that Neville was just blowing smoke. But, TJP had taken King Neville’s words to heart.

Later that night TJP made his presence known in the division. He believed every word Neville had told him. And in response he decided to attack Austin Aries after his match. Aligning himself with the King of the Cruiserweights and standing on top of the Cruiserweight division for the first time in months.

For many fans this heel turn was a complete surprise. The former Cruiserweight Champion is a crowd favorite. Especially amongst the younger audience. He’s relatable and has a shining charisma to him. Many look at him as a goofy kid that can wrestle. He could’ve stayed within that character and succeeded. If WWE creative had given him a chance to feud longer with a solid heel such as The Brian Kendrick, TJP could’ve further cemented his place as the Top Babyface of the division.

This heel turn seems very misplaced for the Cruiserweight Classic winner. His character was so over with the kids, it is very disappointing to see them lose their new idol. If TJP wants to have a successful heel run he’s going to have to reinvent himself. Much like Neville did. He went from a happy go lucky Superhero to the evil King of The Cruiserweights. Perkins needs to do something similar. It would be interesting to see a more permanent partnership between the current Cruiserweight Champion and Perkins. Maybe see Neville take him under his wing. Together they could really dominate the division. And down the line one of them could turn on the other. Setting up possibly the most dynamic and entertaining rivalry since the invention of the Cruiserweight Division.

Do you think TJ Perkins should’ve turned heel at this point in his career? Is he better off as a top Babyface in the Cruiserweight Division? Let us know in the comments!!

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