Talk Is Jericho is one of the more renowned online podcast hosted by none other than Chris Jericho. This podcast has welcomed the likes of Kevin Owens, Charlotte, Sasha Banks, Finn Balor, Paige, ‘Broken’ Matt Hardy and many more. Another unique guest was added to this list in the form of James Ellsworth.

Ellsworth, who featured in a squash match against Braun Strowman a few weeks ago on Monday Night RAW. He was also present during last week’s SmackDown Live taping. He has become an internet sensation with fans wanting to see more of him. It was only a matter of time for Ellsworth. On the podcast with Jericho, Ellsworth talked about a number of issues including how he landed his WWE stint, getting beat by Strowman, running an Indie promotion and much more.

Ellsworth started by informing that he had worked as an extra talent with the company in the past. He said that he would usually be booked for RAW & SmackDown television tapings on any given week. He said that he was at the set of RAW that afternoon.

It so happened that  Arn Anderson noticed him and asked him to throw a punch. Arn was impressed by his style and asked both Ellsworth and Strowman to step into the ring to decide how the two men looked. Finally, the creative decided that they would go with Ellsworth and booked him against Strowman for Monday Night RAW.

When the match was done, Ellsworth said that he was greeted by none other than Vince McMahon. McMahon shook his hand after the match and told him that he had done a great job. Jericho added that it was not often that Vince would say that to a worker and that meant Vince was truly impressed by the work that Ellsworth did that night.

Ellsworth, who had started wrestling just two days after graduating high school said that he was always aware of the challenges that came with being an undersized wrestler. He had taken all of his graduation money and signed up for Axl Rotten’s wrestling school in Maryland. He somehow, took up an unconventional path when he learned how to sell moves. He said that he knew that if he was going to make it as a worker he had to learn to take a beating. Somehow it all worked out and during the match with Strowman, he did just that.

James also revealed that he currently owns the Adrenaline Championship Wrestling that is based out of Maryland. The promotion also has its own website and has been around for quite some time now since its inception in 2009. He said that he was not its original owner and took the business over from his predecessor. He now has his promoter’s license in both Maryland and Pennsylvania.

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