WWE CEO Triple H’s appearance on RAW and his involvement in affecting the decision of the Fatal Four-Way Elimination match had left the WWE Universe in shock. Triple H screwed over his former friend SethRollins and Roman Reigns and gifted the Universal Championship to Kevin Owens.

But since then, ‘The Game’ has again disappeared from the television sets. His appearance has been teased at many events but he hasn’t shown up so far. There were rumours that Triple H would show up on the following episode of Monday Night RAW, but he didn’t. So it’s still not clear as to why Triple H sided with Owens and turned on Rollins. It is certain that WWE are trying to develop a storyline between Rollins and Triple H that will establish Rollins as the top babyface in the company.

However, if the latest reports from Wrestling Observer are to be believed, there is a good enough reason for the ‘Cerebral Assassin’ to not appear on Monday Night Raw. In their latest newsletter, Wrestling Observer reveals that Triple H is actually staying away from Monday Night RAW because of the stiff competition RAW is facing from Monday Night Football.

RAW hasn’t been at the top of the rating charts for a long time and the football matches airing on Monday nights haven’t helped. RAW’s ratings have been dropping over the past few weeks. Due to this WWE creative has made a call to delay Triple H’s WWE return till the time that viewership increases and his anticipated return can be seen by a lot more people.

Triple H has been more of a part-timer on WWE television with his last match happening at WrestleMania 32 losing to Roman Reigns. Since then he hasn’t been seen on Monday Night RAW. 

Then on the 29 August episode of Monday Night RAW, Triple H returned and initiated an attack on Reigns and Rollins that culminated in Kevin Owens becoming the Universal Champion. After the match, Triple H stormed off without a word following a stare down with general manager Mick Foley.

The Universal Title had earlier been vacated by inaugural champion Finn Balor after the shoulder injury that he had sustained during his SummerSlam clash against Rollins.

There have been rumours that Triple H might make a comeback at Clash of Champions this Sunday at Indianapolis to help Kevin Owens again when he squares off against Seth Rollins for the Universal Championship.

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